Health Care Act meeting raises questions

It is ironic that on the day bells were ringing for Freedom in Washington, D.C., at the Lincoln Memorial, I was denied admittance to a special presentation on the Affordable Health Care Law which was geared toward medical professionals. When I arrived at Heartland in Devola, I was told that I had to be registered. There was no mention of pre-registration in the article which was in the Marietta Times two days.

The staff at Heartland wanted me to know that I was welcome to stay but Congressman Bill Johnson’s staff said I could not stay. I was told that there was a general meeting in the afternoon. Why wasn’t that published in the paper? The staff member said he would give me directions to the meeting in Gallia County.

I figured if a congressman from Tennessee could speak than I could also attend as a resident of West Virginia. What were the two presenters saying that they didn’t want an ordinary citizen to know?

When I called a representative of Heartland, she told me they talked about the changes coming with the law and different Insurance policies. If I could read the code words, I believe they were saying, “Let us repeal the Health care Law.”

I think all of our representatives need to work to strengthen the Health Care Law and help the citizens during the enrollment period which begins in October.

I thought this recess was a time for the legislators to go back home to meet with the citizens of their districts. Johnson could have met many constituents at the Daily Bread Kitchen during lunch hour and then gone to the Mission a few streets away. No, they only want to meet with people who think like them. They do not want to see people who cannot make contributions to their campaign.

After I returned home and posted on Facebook my experience, I received a call from Jennifer Garrison’s office but none to date from Mr. Johnson’s.

WTAP reported this meeting as a town hall meeting. Isn’t that a public meeting?

Margaret Meeker