America can’t afford cost of Obamacare

I have read quite a few letters, recently, praising Obamacare and saying shame on anyone who doesn’t support it. One writer even suggested that it was, for lack of a better word, “un-Christian,” for someone not to support it. Well, I would submit that it would be even more “un-Christian” to support a political party that supports taxpayer-funded abortions (i.e. murder) and same-sex marriage. Last time I checked, both of those were pretty big “no-no’s” in the Bible.

Moral objections aside, though, we simply can’t afford Obamacare. If there is one thing that I remember from my economics class in college, it is TANSTAAFL … “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” We’re all going to pay more in taxes and the quality of our health care will suffer. Yes, all of the other industrialized countries have it, and you know what they also have? Longer wait times for care, higher taxes, and mind-boggling government bureaucracy.

Lastly, if this thing is so great, then why have there been so many exemptions granted? Obama’s union buddies, other corporate supporters, and members of Congress … all exempt. This thing stinks to high Heaven, and I hope that the Republicans in the House of Representatives do the right thing, and defund it.

Mark Hartshorn