Obamacare must be stopped for good of nation

In response to a recent letter published in the Times, I would like to ask a few questions. The letter sang the praises of Obamacare. Could those who think Obamacare is a good piece of legislation please tell me why it took 2,700 pages to formulate this wonderful bill? Have they read the bill? Do they, as Nancy Pelosi said, now know what is in it? Why is the supposed author of the bill now calling it a “train wreck”? Why is the president issuing exemptions to Congress men and women, as well as to those in his administration and congressional aides? Why is he exempting his friends in high places? Why is he delaying for one year the responsibility of “big business” to implement their part of this wonderful bill? Why is the corrupt Internal Revenue Service in charge of seeing that American taxpayers carry health insurance or pay the fines? Incidentally, the fines will be small the first few years but will increase dramatically when he gets rid of insurance companies and sets up his “single payer” system. Can you say total control? And do not kid yourself we will not be permitted to keep our doctor. Doctors will have to comply with a panel in Washington that will decide what care we can or cannot receive. Can you say death panel? Sarah Palin was right! HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius can add to the rules as we go along. Isn’t that great? She tried to deny the transplanted lungs to the young girl who would not have survived without that surgery.

Should the Republicans support Obamacare? Of course not! Will they have the courage to join with Senators Cruz, Paul and Lee and refuse to fund this fiasco under the Continuing Resolution to be voted on the end of September? That remains to be seen. Thus far, it appears that Republicans in Congress including Speaker Boehner are unwilling or unable to stop this administration from ignoring the Constitution. Obamacare is unconstitutional, regardless of how the current Supreme Court interprets it. Wake up, America! Call and write your senators and representatives. If this is not stopped, our children and grandchildren will be living in a dictatorship; and we of the older generation will be dead!

Sandra K. Lane