Seven Springs to acquire Hidden Valley Resort

SEVEN SPRINGS, Pa. – – Seven Springs Mountain Resort and The Buncher Co. of Pittsburgh recently announced that the two companies have reached an agreement for Seven Springs to acquire nearby Hidden Valley Resort.

Located near Seven Springs, Hidden Valley consists of approximately 1,200 acres encompassing 29 ski slopes and trails, as well as an 18-hole golf course. The sale is effective Oct. 1. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed at this time.

“We have great respect for The Buncher Co. They have been good stewards of the resort since 2007,” said Seven Springs Chairman Robert Nutting. “As we have demonstrated with all of our other operations in the region, we are committed to the long-term success of Hidden Valley as a family destination.”

The Buncher Co. is a real estate development firm in Western Pennsylvania. Buncher President Tom Balestrieri said his company has “looked upon Hidden Valley as a unique investment.”

Nutting said both Seven Springs and Hidden Valley are “strong and important establishments with long histories and bright futures.”

“We have long held a deep appreciation for Hidden Valley and the family experience it offers. I have fond memories of skiing these very slopes and the slopes of Seven Springs with my family during my childhood, and with my children,” Nutting said. “Every year, thousands of families build similar memories and experiences at Hidden Valley and Seven Springs. That is something we respect, appreciate and will build on moving forward. We want to ensure that more and more guests have the opportunity to develop the passion for the outdoors in the Laurel Highlands.”

Nutting said representatives of Seven Springs met with Hidden Valley employees on Tuesday to announce the sale. No personnel decisions have been made, he added.

As for the upcoming ski season, Nutting said Seven Springs’ officials are planning to meet with homeowners, developers and employees at Hidden Valley to devise a plan that works for everyone.

“We don’t have prices or packages set, as those will be released sometime in early November, but we are committed to continuing affordable family recreational opportunities at Hidden Valley,” he said.

Seven Springs and Hidden Valley will keep their unique identities, Nutting added, noting there likely will be some cross-marketing of the two resorts.

“Hidden Valley and Seven Springs are both excellent resorts with very distinct personalities. We plan to invest in and grow both resorts separately,” Nutting said.

“At the same time, we will look for ways the two resorts can work together by marketing the Laurel Highlands as a family destination for the Washington and Baltimore region. We take our role as a catalyst for economic development for this region very seriously.”