Don’t just complain; support the fair, too

Attendance was up at the Washington County Fair this year, but complaints among community members seemed to be up as well.

We heard everything from the rides were far inferior to the food cost too much to that there were fewer animals (not true, according to 4-H officials).

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and to give constructive criticism. But we hope that’s not all they do.

The Washington County Fair is a longstanding tradition and is important to the community. It gives youth a showcase for their animals and projects and gives residents a fun place to gather and have fun.

The best way to improve the offerings at future fairs is to support the fair board, not just offer criticism.

There are so many ways to do this that everyone should have one that works for them, whether it’s serving on the board, offering their skills or services to the board, giving donations or attending fundraisers and events at the fairgrounds throughout the year.

The fair board can only offer what it can afford to offer. The event is costly to put on each year.

This year, there was a new company that offered rides and many said it was inferior. The decision was made to go with that company because it cut costs in half for the fair board, saving about $22,000.

If community members want the superior rides and the superior entertainment, they need to support the fair in whatever way they can.

If you’ve got ideas, offer them, but using the appropriate channels, not just an online forum or while complaining to a friend.