It’s time to begin impeachment of Obama

Well, as President Reagan said, “Here we go again!”

Tell me what Obama is thinking, or does anyone know?

He said, “That could be my son” when talking about Trayvon Martin.

Well Obama, “That could be my grandson” you’re playing Russian roulette with.

Aren’t our families as important as a “child” running the streets late at night and fighting with a man whose trying to be a lookout for neighbors?

Do we have another Bush behind the scenes? Just who are you protecting?

The American people are so sick of war it’s pathetic.

In ’79, do you realize since I was a child how many wars I’ve seen? Start with World War II! I’ve had a lot of family in these wars. I’m sick of it!

Personally, I think you should be impeached! What are you setting Hillary up for? You all have a scheme. All we have to do is ask Oprah, she got you in there.

I know this won’t be issued, but that’s OK. Let’s start an impeachment now before it’s too late. Clinton wasn’t as bad as this!

P.S. I’m saying what some people don’t have the nerve to.

L.J. McKnight