65th: Roy, Lucille Foreshee

Roy and Lucille Foreshee of 895 Bender Road, Marietta will celebrate their 65th anniversary on Sept. 10. They were married in Piggott, Ark. on Sept 10, 1948.

They are the parents of four daughters: Janice (Dan) Rymer of Springfield, Mo. formerly of Willamstown, Peggy Heiney of Houston, Texas, Lois (Ray) Neville of Marietta, and Juli (Tom) Bainbridge of Dayton, Ohio. They also have eight grandchildren: Heather (Troy ) Thompson of Denver, Colo., Scott Rymer,of Durango, Colo., Matthew and Lou Heiney of Houston, Texas, Joshua, Jacob, and John Archer of Marietta, and Benjamin Wacksman of Dayton, Ohio. They also have two great-grandchildren: Ryan and Alex Thompson of Denver, Colo.

Roy Foreshee began his engineering career in 1951 after receiving a B.S. in chemical engineering at the University of Illinois. He worked at Shell Oil refinery in Woodriver, Ill., for a year and a half, then at Union Carbide’s nuclear plant in Paducah, Ky., for seven years during the startup of that plant. He then worked at UCC’s uranium ore processing facility in Uravan, Colo., for the next seven years and then transferred to UCC’s metals plant in Marietta for 18 years. It was during this time at the metals plant he earned a M.S degree in Industrial Engineering at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He then worked the last four years before retirement at the Eveready Plant as the plant manager. He retired in 1985. After retirement from Eveready, he continued working and consulting in the United States and abroad, (Texas, Georgia, China and Brazil). He worked for a year as the plant manager of Gulf Chemical and Metallurgical Co. in Freeport, Texas, finally retiring again in 1988.

He joined the Marietta Noon Rotary in 1981. He has been an active member since that time. After becoming familiar with Safetytown here in Marietta, he, along with his wife, took the program of Safetytown with them to Freeport, Texas. They began a whole new satellite program there, which is still running today. In 1990, the Foreshee’s again, along with their oldest daughter, Jan Rymer, took Safetytown to Durango, Colo. That satellite program is also still running.

She, who was a full time mother and housewife, also served as a Girl Scout leader and photographer for the Scouts. She served on the Southeastern Girl Scout council for over 30 years. She also was involved with establishment of the Devola swimming pool. Her main achievement, she says was helping her husband raise their four daughters.

For their anniversary, they will be having dinner with their family.