Marching bands play vital role in many ways

Anyone related to or friendly with a high school marching band member knows the time and dedication it takes to participate.

Local marching band members are in the middle of their fall season which began with rigorous training in the middle of summer. Local units at schools that still field a marching band are busy performing Friday nights in September and October at varsity football games.

Then there are the band competitions on Saturdays. It takes energy and a special dedication to play at a football game Friday night and get up early Saturday to travel to wherever that day’s competition is being held. Often, there are two band competitions, too.

We wish the local schools that field marching bands the best of luck performing and competing this fall. It’s a lot of hard work, we know.

And we hope band participation numbers rebound enough in the coming years that each high school can field a marching band.

We understand the declining numbers in recent years. Fewer children in school and even fewer participating in music programs. Marietta and Warren are bucking the trend as their numbers are rising. Great!

Bands add energy and tradition to Friday football nights. Bands also teach teens valuable lessons about hard work and teamwork.

Just ask any band alum. Their pride runs deep, as it should.