Civil War roundtable meeting Thursday

The next regular meeting of the Civil War Roundtable of the Mid-Ohio Valley will be held on Sept. 19.

The meeting will feature a presentation by George F Franks III, U.S. Navy veteran, retired businessman, leadership consultant, and Civil War enthusiast from Williamsport PA.

The Battle of Gettysburg is often identified by historians as the turning point of the Civil War and is forever defined by July 1 to 3, 1863. However, Lee’s retreat from Gettysburg to the Potomac River resulted in a swirling series of conflicts that culminated in the Battle of Falling Waters near Williamsport on July 14, 1863.

Often relegated to a single sentence or paragraph in many battle histories, Falling Waters represents a missed opportunity for the Union Army and a tragic end of the campaign for hundreds of Confederate soldiers who became casualties or prisoners of war.

Franks will bring life to this long overlooked and forgotten battle to life as well as assess the principal commanders of the conflict and their leadership styles.

Signed copies of Mr. Franks’ book entitled Battle of Falling Waters 1863: Custer, Pettigrew, and the End of the Gettysburg Campaign may be purchased at this event.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Campus Martius Museum, 601 Second St., Marietta. There is no charge to attend and the public is welcomed.

The Civil War Roundtable is a member of the Marietta Community Foundation.

Please direct any questions to Bill Reynolds at (740) 350 0316.