‘Rerouting, rerouting…’

Have you ever been lost? I think we all have, but I as a man do not like to admit it. One day I was driving down the road with a few of my friends. One of them said, “I think you are lost”. Of course I quickly replied “No way, I know where I’m going”. At that moment I was ‘caught’ by a computerized human voice. The GPS began shouting “Rerouting?..Rerouting.” Now everyone knew I was most definitely lost.

These days there are millions of drivers who depend on a Global Positioning System (aka, GPS) to get where they are going. And most all of them and us have heard these annoying words. “Rerouting?..Rerouting.” But before the GPS says these words what does it recognize? It recognizes that the driver is off course. Then what does it do afterwards? Its computer brain immediately begins to plot and plan a new path to get the driver back on track.

Sometimes we as Christians need the help of Jesus to get back on track spiritually. As Christians we may drift away or veer off course because we think we know best. Or we may drift away slowly, failing to notice that we are moving further and further away from the spiritual road God would have us on.

The lost need Jesus as well, not to “get back” or to “stay” on track. They need Him to get on track to begin with. This is the exact same position we see in Saul before becoming Paul. He was completely off track while traveling down the Road to Damascus. However, Jesus takes this opportunity to “Reroute” him. In Acts 9, immediately after being blinded by the light, the first thing Paul says is “Who are you Lord.” (v 5). This persecutor of the church and murderer of Christians had quickly admitted that Jesus is Lord. Now that was a quick rerouting!

For us today, God has not left us on our own to slowly reroute ourselves, He is still there and He has given us all his Spirit. 1 Corinthians 3.16 says Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? God has not left us on our own, he is right here with us.

It is such a comfort to know that God is continually and daily at work in our lives through the convicting work of the Spirit. (Rom 8.26-27). With God’s help, guidance and direction let us continue on a road that is pleasing to Him. Let us not be rerouted into sin, let us do the opposite. Let us reroute others to Jesus.

Nathan Greene is minister of Barlow Vincent Church of Christ. Thoughts of Faith is a weekly column written by various ministers and lay people. Those interested in scheduling a date for writing a Thoughts of Faith column should contact Christy Hudson at 376-5446 or chudson@mariettatimes.com. Or, if a Thoughts of Faith column is written at the writer’s convenience and sent to The Times, it will run the first available date.