Bike trail doesn’t need railing installed

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon we had in Marietta Sunday, Sept. 15. Many, many people took advantage of the great, new bike trail along the Ohio River by walking and riding bikes. I bet many readers did. Did you all see the family of ducks just floating by. Made me appreciate what we have here in Marietta. I also noticed that all the bikers (all ages) and walkers were pretty sure-footed. You all did a great job. No one looked like they would fall over that white wall. Why on earth is the city engineer’s office and ODOT going to put a black iron-rail fence on top of that white, very secure-looking wall? The posts already in place show the height of the next obstruction of 4 additional feet – won’t be able to see those ducks from the path or much of the river either. Why, why, why? Please call the engineers office at 373-1387 at City Hall and ask them to tell ODOT to save themselves a couple of thousand dollars and let us all enjoy the beautiful Ohio River on our walks and bike rides.

Evy Bryant