Keeping development sites cleaner

Storm water runoff and keeping it clean can be a big challenge for development designers and maintenance crews. This is evident trying to mix green space with impervious areas such as parking spaces and sidewalks. Because of the storm water regulations that developers face, there are several practices we refer to as best management practices (BMP) that have been developed by companies serving the industry. One such BMP is the Filterra Stormwater Bioretention System.

The Filterra System is designed to capture storm water runoff and remove pollutants. This is done through using a combination of landscape vegetation and a specially designed filter media. The removal of these pollutants is very important to the goals of meeting the water quality needs of stormwater regulations, such as the Ohio EPA NPDES Construction General Permit or similar permits for the Cities of Marietta and Belpre.

The system has a small footprint allowing it to be used within the landscaping of highly developed sites like parking lots and along streetscapes. Filterra also offers engineering support, and guidance with installation, activation, maintenance and plant selection.

Filterra Bioretention Systems will be the subject of the next “Lunch and Learn” event October 8th at the Marietta Holiday Inn. These events help architects, engineers, contractors and facility managers in the area stay up to date on the latest trends in the construction and design industry.

To register for the October 8th event at the Marietta Holiday Inn, please contact Kerri Dunn at Pickering Associates, (304) 464-5305 or The presentation will begin at noon. A deli bar style lunch will be provided. Continuing education credits will be offered. You can check out this product ahead of time at

Kathy Davis is stormwater specialist at Washington Soil & Water Conservation District.