Paws Walk support pays off for so many animals

The 4th annual Ashlee Scott Memorial “Paws Walk” was held at Muskingum Park, Sept. 14.

Total monies raised from the Ashlee Scott Raffle and donations were $2,758.00, and proceeds from the walk were $1,854. Making the total money raised for the animals at the Shelter $4,572.00. We were about $1,000 off from last year’s walk. I don’t know if it was the weather, as it was a little cool, or not enough advertisement. However, we had a banner at the end of Williamstown Bridge, it was on WTAP-TV, WMOA, in The Marietta Times, along with an article complete with color pictures, an article in the Anchor, on Facebook and on the HSOV Website. No, it was not on the radio. We contacted several radio stations in the area, no one seemed to have time to do this public service announcement, and I am amazed, after all, the Humane Society is everyone’s problem! Also, there were flyers in several stores downtown and pamphlets at all of the groomers and vet offices. I am at wits end on how to more advertise this fundraiser. I am open for ideas and suggestions. Someone mentioned that maybe the virus that was going around for dogs was part of the problem. But, I don’t believe it!

Here at the list of winners from the walk and raffle: Amanda White, glass vase by Marilyn Wagner, for the most money raised. Reitz Co. certificate won by Robb Scott, half-hour massage from N. Ferrell, won by Amanda Satterfield, pedicure from Liz Talbott won by Betty Rutherford, $25 gift card from Da Vinci’s won by Amanda Satterfield, $25 gift card from We Love Pets, won by Ben Thomas, $25 gift card from Pioneer Golf Center, won by Shelia Zeune, $100 Shell gas card, won by Robb Scott and donated back to the HSOV Shelter, $50 Shell gas card won by Joel Flaxer, $100 BP gas card, won by Vicki Dotson, and the beautiful necklace donated by Reitz Co. and won by Diane Beebe.

In any case, I hope everyone who attended the walk had a good time. I wanted to mention that in the Thank You letter to the donors I inadvertently left out Broughton Food Co., and I apologize, since you are one of our greatest supporters.

I hope next year a few dedicated souls will pick up a pamphlet from either the groomer or vet’s office and help raise money for this very worthy cause. Please put in your book of days, September 13, 2014, for the 5th Annual Ashlee Scott Memorial Paws Walk in Muskingum Park. There, now you know the date of the next “Paws Walk”.

Thank you again for your support! We are here to take care of the animals because they cannot care for themselves.

Juanita Becker,

HSOV fundraiser/volunteer