Get ready for winter at home and on the road

Days are getting shorter and the evenings are cooler. Fall is here and winter isn’t far behind.

We urge everyone to get ready. And do it as soon as possible.

At home, be sure you seal air leaks around window and doors. Have your furnace checked by a professional trained to spot trouble before you’re left in the cold.

If you use your chimney on those icy winter days make sure it’s clean and free of any obstructions.

And be sure to have plenty of blankets and emergency gear like a flashlight and portable radio with fresh batteries.

As for your car or truck, make sure your tires are adequate for driving in the snow. A 50-pound bag of sand in the trunk would probably help get through snowy road conditions. Get to your favorite garage to have your antifreeze and battery checked, too.

Blankets and other emergency gear such as a flashlight and flares literally can be a lifesaver while traveling. Cell phones should be fully charged before you head out on a wintertime trip just in case there’s a problem along the way.

These probably sound like simple, common sense suggestions. They are.

But we all need a reminder from time to time. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, then all your work won’t be needed. But if something does happen, you’ll be ready to cope at a moment’s notice, and be glad you are ready.