Cat losses have serious impact for owners

At the risk of being tarred and feathered by the cat-loving community, I would like to comment on the article concerning missing cats.

Most people assume everyone loves their pet as much as they do. That is simply not true. We usually put our dog in his kennel when people are at our house, even though he is the most adorable dog in the world. People who allow their cats to roam freely need to realize those cats do a great deal of damage to other people’s property, and therefore, they are not adored by everyone.

My wife has worked hard to create a yard where birds will come and nest and feed. She photographs them and turns them into beautiful note cards. When cats come and kill the birds she is just as upset as these folks are at losing their cats. She also has beautiful roses and flowers, however, when we stop to “smell the roses” the only thing we smell is cat urine while stepping in cat feces.

I asked a cat owner once, who allows their cat to roam, how many minutes a day they are aware of where their cat is. The answer was about five minutes a day. The other 1,435 were unaccounted for. I know this is not the same for everyone, however, would cat owners keep their pets if they were required to follow the same guidelines dog owners follow? License, leash, accountability.

I think what is needed is simply some common courtesy on the part of everyone. No one wants to lose a pet and the love they bring into our lives. We all need unconditional love and they certainly give it.

Karl Kesselring