Spirit Rock case arrests

Two Marietta area men are facing fifth-degree felony charges of breaking and entering and vandalism after they dragged Marietta High School’s “Spirit Rock” seven miles from the high school parking lot to D.A.V. Road in Muskingum Township early Sunday morning.

Kyle Andrew Daugherty, 19, of 410 Franklin St., Marietta, turned himself in to Marietta City Police Tuesday evening, and Miles Blake Elliott, 19, of 1882 Masonic Park Road, Devola, was arrested at his residence Wednesday morning.

“There’s still the possibility of more charges being filed, but that will be up to the court,” said Marietta Police Capt. Jeff Waite.

He said the pair, both MHS graduates, admitted to wrapping a chain around the boulder and using two pickup trucks to break it loose from the foundation at the entrance to the school parking lot.

Daugherty used his truck to pull the rock part way down Academy Drive, then Elliott hooked his pickup to the boulder and dragged it the rest of the way to D.A.V. Road, according to the police report.

“In the statement of facts they didn’t say why they did it,” Waite said. “I’ve heard unsubstantiated rumors that it could have been related to someone’s birthday.”

He said investigators were able to determine the suspects after viewing footage from video surveillance at the high school. An officer was able to identify the owner of one of the pickup trucks.

“We questioned both suspects and they admitted to the offense,” Waite added.

Although no one was injured in the incident, things could have turned out much worse, he said, noting the dragging rock went left of center more than once between the high school and D.A.V. Road.

The large rock also scraped lines in pavement along Academy Drive, Colegate Drive, Muskingum Drive (Ohio 60), Ohio 821, and D.A.V. Road. The parking lot at the Warren’s IGA plaza was also damaged as the boulder was dragged through the lot from Colegate Drive to Muskingum Drive.

The rock was located in a driveway near 725 D.A.V. Road and returned to its original site Sunday afternoon.

Police believe the pair acted alone and no current MHS students were involved.

Both suspects were placed in the Washington County Jail. Daugherty posted $2,500 bond and has been released. Elliott remained in jail Wednesday pending a hearing today in Marietta Municipal Court.

The Spirit Rock was placed at the entrance to the MHS lot in 1969.