Making ultimatums does not run this country

What in the world is going on with the federal government these days? Temper tantrums, posturing and verbal attacks. If you don’t do things my way, then you don’t get to play. Do we have elected men and women running our country, or a bunch of children who need to be sent to their rooms without their supper?

What caused the government shutdown? In my opinion it started back when our elected officials backed down and passed into law The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as Obama Care) to the objection of many of their constituents. Passing into law anything that had not been read or studied by the majority of our elected officials was in itself reprehensible. Now, we are faced with elected officials trying to back pedal to stop the full madness from going into effect without taking out some of the more controversial items.

So here we are, the Democrats digging in their heels saying pass it or else and the Republicans doing the same to keep it from passing. I’m not going to go into the foolishness of closing “open” access war memorials, etc. All I have to say is if this was a business (and it really is), when you reach a stalemate you go to the bargaining table and work things out. Making ultimatums does not run this country, this is a Democracy, not a dictatorship. By the People, for the People – sound familiar?

Do your jobs and work on an equitable solution – that means going to a bargaining table Mr. President.

Rebecca Stephens