Read the news to know who is holding hostages

I have heard that the Republicans are being accused of single handedly shutting down the government and depriving the American citizens of the services it gets from the government.

It is my understanding as covered by many different news outlets that the Republican Party has passed several resolutions in the Senate to fund many different parts of government that is not in contention, i.e. National Institutes of Health and the Park Service. From what I have read in these varied news outlets that the House and the Democrats responded that unless what they wanted funded is funded they are not passing or approving resolutions to fund any other parts of government.

From a common sense perspective I would have to assume that the Republicans are not actually shutting down all aspects of government and quite frankly have offered and passed resolutions to fund many aspects of government and were rejected by the Democratic Party.

From a purely common sense perspective whom is holding the American people and its access to government services hostage here?

Rusty Price