Woman sentenced for assaulting officers

A former Marietta woman who assaulted two officers when being booked into the Washington County Jail last November was sentenced to another 68 days in the facility before moving to Massachusetts to serve out her probation.

Rebekah A. Amaral, 29, was found guilty of two fifth-degree felony counts of assaulting a corrections officer after an August jury trial.

Amaral was combative when arrested by a patrolman with the Marietta Police Department on Nov. 30 for disorderly conduct by intoxication, said Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Rings.

“At the jail, she want after a couple of the corrections officers. She kicked one while he was trying to do a pat down. Then they got her under control, and she swung at another one and hit him in the face,” said Rings.

The entire incident was caught on video, he said.

The incident was the result of Amaral’s alcohol consumption and the fact that her designated escort abandoned her that night, said Amaral’s attorney Rolf Baumgartel.

“She was left to care for herself. That’s why this happened,” he said.

Neither of the officers were seriously injured in the incident, which ended in Amaral being subdued with a taser.

Baumgartel also asked the court to note that the incident was the solitary blip on Amaral’s criminal record.

“With her complete lack of record, we’d ask Ms. Amaral receive community control and not be sentenced to more than 30 days in jail,” he said.

He also requested that Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Burnworth not impose a fine because Amaral expected to lose her employment as a home health aide as a result of any incarceration.

Amaral herself added that she regretted the night.

“(That night) was entirely out of character. I just ask for the mercy of the court,” she said.

Despite Amaral’s statement, Burnworth said she showed “nominal if any remorse.”

Most first time felony offenders charged with a fifth-degree felony crime in Ohio are not eligible for a prison sentence but because Amaral’s crime included an act of violence she was technically prison eligible, said Burnworth.

However, Burnworth instead sentenced Amaral to 75 days in the Washington County Jail with credit for 7 days served. He also ordered her to a year of community control, which Amaral can transfer to Massachusetts upon her release.

“The court doesn’t object to having your probation transfered to Massachusetts as that is where you’ll be living. You’ll have to figure out how to go about the transfer process while you’re in jail,” he said.

Amaral has yet to be sentenced on the underlying misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest which landed her in jail in the first place.

According to the Marietta Municipal Court public records, Amaral is scheduled to have a hearing on those charges today in Marietta Municipal Court.