Our founding fathers would be appalled

Obama has been picking and choosing which parts of Obamacare he wants to implement (delaying the employer mandate to beyond the next election to avoid the expected political backlash against Democrats, and handing out waivers to political supporters), yet he won’t allow Congress to do the same thing (delaying the individual mandate). Never before in the history of this country has the president been given the only authority to change the rules of a law on the fly in order to politically benefit himself and his party. Actually, we’ve never before had a law that allows anyone to change the rules on the fly, without altering the legislation. This is why Democrats wanted to pass it before we knew what was in it.

Obama says Obamacare is the law of the land, and we shouldn’t try to overturn it, yet Democrats have always said it is our civic duty to disobey unjust laws with civil disobedience (or, in the case of liberal groups like Occupy Wall Street, uncivil disobedience). Actually, Obama himself is guilty of ignoring laws he doesn’t like (immigration laws). Do as I say, not as I do.

Obama said raising the debt ceiling is unpatriotic and a failure of leadership when Bush was president, yet here he is trying to raise the debt ceiling. I suppose that makes Obama unpatriotic and a failed leader. Actually, that doesn’t make him that way, it just proves it.

Obama has closed war memorials and national parks to the public while opening them to illegal aliens and their liberal supporters in Congress. His goal is to make opposition to his policies as painful as possible to everyone so they will turn against Republicans. He has never had to negotiate with the opposition because he’s always gotten his way. Actually, even the liberal media are finally questioning his Gestapo tactics. Little tyrant.

Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves at this travesty of a president who lies every time he opens his mouth. Actually, he campaigned on fundamentally changing this country, so I guess that part was truthful.

John House