Marietta residents should vote for Grimm

I can’t vote in Marietta, but I try to stay informed on many of the issues because I am in Marietta daily.

I recently learned that the current council has given themselves a raise. This is troubling because the city seems to lack funds for proper police and fire staffing. I think that the first concern for any government official should be the wellbeing of their constituents and not the money the elected official receives for their service. Jon Grimm would not have voted to give himself a raise while the city lacked adequate safety services.

I have known Grimm for many years and found him to be a man of integrity and honesty in his dealings. He will bring a much needed voice of common sense to the council. I remember a conversation that we once had about the improvements on Front Street. He was very much against the bricks being inlaid in the crosswalk. Grimm’s stance from the beginning was to install the stamped pavement that we now have. Unfortunately, he lost that battle in council and the bricks were installed. Soon after, the bricks began to sink as he predicted and the city ended up spending considerably more tax dollars to fix a problem that should never have happened in the first place.

In closing, I would ask Marietta voters to support Jon Grimm in his bid for City Council. His experience, insight, and common sense will be a valuable asset.

Jay Owens