Dems aren’t perfect, but trusted more than the GOP

I don’t know about you, but the 30 my-way-or-the-highway “Tea Party” people are beginning to scare me. The majority of Republicans don’t agree with what they are doing but they are afraid to disagree. They gave us the sequester, they gave us the shutdown and now they are poised to lead us into default. Evidently holding on to your seat in Congress is more important than doing what is best for the country.

The Affordable Care Act was approved by Congress and found constitutional by the Supreme Court. It is bizarre that at the time of its implementation, the Republicans want to defund it and are now threatening a default unless they get their way. Some Republicans are saying that if default happens, they would pay our creditors first (mainly China) ahead of the American people. That means that people would not get Social Security, Medicare, etc., besides all the other economic havoc it would cause in our country and elsewhere. And if default happens, our national debt will actually increase.

Congress seems to have no problem subsidizing corporate farmers and spending billions on military hardware that the Pentagon doesn’t even want. The Pentagon gets so much money they can’t even keep track of where it all goes. And then there are all the tax breaks for corporations and wealthy individuals that Congress hands out. Now that Congress has spent all this money willy nilly, the Republicans have decided there is not enough money to give everyone healthcare, raise the minimum wage and fund other “safety net” programs. And they aren’t all that enthusiastic about funding Social Security and Medicare either.

The Democrats are not perfect but I trust them more than the Republicans to look out for the health and welfare of the average person. The people suffer when the opposition party works only for the failure of President Obama and his policies. And a default would be catastrophic for everyone.

Carol Lazear Mitchell