Boehner has power to strangle U.S. economy

The founders of the Constitution would be embarrassed and angry that this marvelous document has an untended flaw. This flaw has allowed one single, egocentric power-hungry man who represents only a very small percentage of Americans to blackmail and strangle the entire American economy. Of course, we all know that he – Ohio Republican Congressman John Boehner, Speaker of the House – is controlled by influential and wealthy insurance companies and big business.

It’s sad that one single, possibly-insane man has the power to singlehandedly shut down the U.S. government, but he does and he has.

He claims there are not enough votes to pass a recently-proposed budget bill but there are. It simply doesn’t serve his personal agenda to do so. Boehner is pure evil and the American people need to get rid of him. More rational House Republicans need to vote him out of his powerful position and send him back to the Ohio district he represents. With the Jan. fiscal cliff fiasco and the current one, hasn’t he done enough to destroy their confidence of Americans in government and diminish the status of the Republican Party as a serious political party?

Russ Bowers, Mass. (political Science), Belpre