Genesis’ dietary staff recognized

Genesis Healthcare’s Marietta Center recognized the dietary staff as this month’s department honoree. The center will set aside a special day to show its appreciation for this staff’s hard work.

“Each department is honored during their national recognition day, week or month. It is important to let each department know how important they are to the outcome of residents’ stays here,” said Valerie Strahler, Marietta Center Activities Director. “Each department has special challenges to meet on a daily basis, and it is important that they know how appreciated they are.”

The dietary department provides complete meals and snacks according to the residents’ specifically prescribed diets. All food preparation is supervised by a registered dietician. Residents are encouraged to use the Cafe for meals but meals can also be delivered to their rooms. Also, visitors are welcome to join residents for meals by making a reservation.

Marietta Center would like to thank the following members of the dietary staff for putting our residents and their visitors first: Helen Evans, Vickie Fox, Donna Dye, Bonnie Hagar, Darlene Stull, Catherine Mcgee, Deborah Green, Blinda Funk, Linda Swain, Jody Gibbs, Jamie Manuel and Helen Wittekind.

Along with recognition for the department, Wittekind, who has served Marietta Center for 15 years, was named Employee of the Month. She states that her favorite part of the job is helping others.

To learn more about Genesis Healthcare’s Marietta Center, 373-4127.