Young man a Red Cross volunteer

Born in Anderson, Ind., a suburb of Indianapolis, Evan Yerex moved with his family to the Belpre area nine years ago. Now 21, he’s pursuing a degree in social work and working as an intern at the Harmar Place Rehabilitation Center, but still finds some time to volunteer with the local Red Cross chapter when he’s in school.

Question: Why did you start volunteering with Washington County’s Chapter of the American Red Cross?

Answer: I kept seeing an ad for Red Cross volunteers on TV that showed people helping out in their own communities. I thought that would be something I’d like to do, and felt it was something God was putting on my heart, so I volunteered.

Q: Did you have to do anything special to begin volunteering with the Red Cross?

A: They started me off with an orientation course about the Red Cross and its volunteer opportunities. Later I received a certification card, and I’ve been volunteering for about a year now. I really enjoy it.

Q: What are your duties with the local Red Cross?

A: I basically help organize fundraisers and other public events like Run for the Red, Dancing with the Stars, the annual golf tournament, and others. Sometimes I also help organize office documents and files.

Q: You’re a student at Washington State Community College, but still have the time to volunteer?

A: I go in whenever I can find the time. Usually on Tuesdays between classes. It doesn’t take a lot of time-a couple of hours a week. And it’s something that allows me to help my community.

Q: Would you recommend volunteering to other people your age?

A: Definitely. Anyone who’s looking for a good way to give back to their community should volunteer. The younger generation often gets criticized for only doing things to benefit themselves. But we’re capable of doing a lot more. Volunteering only takes a small amount of my time, but I think it’s well worth it.

Sam Shawver conducted the interview.