Dedicated malcontents at heart of opposition

The Washington mess – It’s not about spending, debt ceiling or philosophical differences. There’s an elephant in the room that nobody will admit seeing.

It started on election night, when it became clear that Barack Obama would be elected president of the United States. A group of Republicans held a secret meeting on how to make President Obama fail. Mitch McConnell actually admitted it: “Our main job is to make sure Obama is a one term President.”

This gang of Tea Party extremists and sympathizers, mostly from the old Confederate South, bent on turning the clock back to the “bad old days,” has not stopped since. They, with their barely disguised Foghorn Leghorn accents, have unceasingly accused President Obama of everything from not being a U.S. citizen to being a secret Taliban agent.

And now, these Tea Partiers, with unwilling or unwitting help from fearful and reasonable normal Republicans, are willing and seem to be glad to destroy our government, sacrifice the well-being of most of our citizens, and to cause a world-wide economic collapse to achieve their twisted main goal: To make a black man, who is a duly elected president, fail.

Howard Varner