Salvation Army Thrift Store will be missed

On Oct. 31 of this year, the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Greene Street will be closing its’ door. Why? Because the cost of hauling away trashy sofas, mattresses and other unsellable items deposited at their back door after closing exceeds the profits they make. The people who have caused this should be ashamed of themselves. These same people wouldn’t do this to the Goodwill store who doesn’t provide the services Salvation Army provides.

You can go to the Salvation Army and buy clothing for those who may not be able to buy for themselves. Their prices are reasonable.

They also provide allowances for clothing and household items for people who are in desperate need. They (meaning the Salvation Army).

I understand the store won’t complain about this because it might be perceived as them complaining about those poor people who they are trying to serve.

I will be sorry to see them closed. And after they are closed, I believe the community they serve will feel the effect of their closing.

They will be missed.

Lenora Farley