Voters should choose Paskawych for council

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not one for making public endorsements, and I usually skip over paragraphs that tout the benefits of whatever and whoever. In this case, though, I find myself feeling the need to bring to light the fight of someone in my beloved hometown of Marietta who is endeavoring to make this a better place by his involvement not necessarily with any groups or organizations, but instead by his involvement with people.

We have candidates who speak for making the city a better place, by beautifying this street or renovating that building, but who speaks for the people?

I’d like to talk about Kevin Paskawych, candidate for City Council president: what we have here is a man who, like any other candidate, has ideas for making Marietta a better place to live – but unlike many others, here we have a man who has an outspoken interest in the individuals of this town. What good is standing up for a town if you don’t address the wants and needs of its people – people who also want the best for themselves, their families, their loved ones, their neighbors, and their fellow community members.

Paskawych and I have worked together on several occasions in the Mid-Ohio Valley Players as both co-directors and fellow actors, and in both capacities Paskawych takes it upon himself to consider every cog in the wheel, as it were. How do actors relate to him? How do they relate to one another? What is the sequence of events if he does this or that? His consideration for people has been apparent in everything I’ve see him involved in, both on stage and off, especially when thinking about the needs of others. And when dealing with people either as groups or individuals, this is paramount to any decision one would make for leadership

He also serves a like purpose as a member of the Mid-Ohio Valley Players board of directors. In his capacity as stage crew director chair, Paskawych has had experience in expressing ideas to groups, resourcefulness in solving the myriad problems any production and cast/crew would face, and makes every situation an opportunity to create a beneficial solution for all. He has done whatever it takes, taken every measure available and given his all to people of the theater who need his help. Anyone who is seeking to fill a position of any importance would benefit greatly by being as experienced in such situations as this man.

It’s beyond beneficial that Marietta’s population has someone on their side with the skills, abilities, hard-learned life lessons and desire to help the people as Paskawych does. This is a man who not only deserves your votes – we as a people need him to move forward. His ideas and experience are beneficial to the man on the street, the worker struggling to earn his living, the hungry child wondering where his next meal is coming from, and the family looking to survive day to day.

Now is the time, Marietta – we need to ignore party lines and partisanship and do what is right for us. When you go to the polls, please strongly consider casting your vote for Kevin Paskawych for City Council president. More than ever, we need someone who will speak for us.

George Litman