Outgoing City treasurer supports Harper

As I leave the Office of Treasurer after serving 20 years, I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Cathy Harper. This will assure the citizens of Marietta that the office will continue in capable and responsible hands.

Harper has the knowledge and experience from her eight years on City Council. She has worked with all city departments, including the treasurer’s office. Harper is familiar with the day to day operations and the finances of the city.

Harper has met with me and the income tax staff numerous times to obtain an up to date overview of the offices.

Harper is currently the coordinator of the Right Path and has served in this capacity for the last 10 years. She will, however, resign her position as coordinator as she intends to make the office of the city treasurer her full-time commitment.

Honesty, integrity and hard working are values Harper possesses. She is the best and only choice for Marietta City Treasurer.

For Marietta’s future, I urge you to vote for Cathy Harper for city treasurer on Nov. 5.

Valerie Holley

Marietta City Treasurer