Watch out for neighbors in today’s society

What is immoral in today’s world?

In my lifetime our society has become as rats fighting to get the last scraps of garbage. Simple things like children having enough respect to speak respectfully to elders, stand and offer their seat when an elder walks into the room, leave the room when elders are talking about adult matters. This respect used to carry over to seniority on the job. New hires giving their position to someone with more seniority. I am not saying that any one senior gets everything they want because some do not keep their end of the unspoken contract with gratitude and gentility. These failures are the fault of us the parents, who raised these now so called adults who now run the workplace as it is. Today’s workplace now sees workers with great records and years of service and experience being discharged so replacement workers can be hired part time at lower costs. Workers being hired in such numbers, some get only two hours of work a week. It might be alright for some countries, but this is the United States. At first it was union busting by managers, now it’s just plain employee busting. Managers may think it’s OK to malice your employees over employment but the rest of us are watching. There is a home healthcare provider in this town using just such tactics, and a fast food establishment doing the same. However the word is out, and I will never use either again. I am urging others to do the same. We must take care of our neighbors, because soon things will change, and these companies will be left in the cold.

Duane Alderman

Mineral Wells, W.Va.