Too many work the system for assistance

When is welfare going broke?

We hear on the news daily that our government is running out of money, social security is going broke, Medicare is going broke and we can’t fund the VA to give the benefits to our vets. Have you ever heard a politician talk about our welfare programs going broke, why not?

Is it because if the politicians give free stuff to people that will get them re-elected? Children like Christmas because they get “free stuff” when Santa Clause comes? Unfortunately our elected officials have developed the Santa Clause model to a fine art at the taxpayers’ expense.

What made America the great country that it is, where immigrants are knocking down the doors to get in? Was it hard work, free enterprise, private initiative and aspirations for moral virtues? Or do we have a society that no longer desires the values of America? Have we created a society of dependence and the job is to work the system for free stuff? The politicians have created a system of “free stuff” that makes it more profitable to stay on the dole rather than work for a living wage. Is there a mass exodus to go to socialist countries or are we that socialist country?

We need to help people in need as the Bible teaches us to be benevolent, but it also teaches us if we give a man a fish we feed him for a day, but if we teach him to fish, we feed him forever. America has given everyone who has been born in or immigrated to America an opportunity to succeed or fail in pursuing that individual’s goal. If we fail along the way to our goal we use that as a learning experience and move on toward our goal. Failure is not an excuse to give up and let others support us.

Call your elected officials and ask them when is welfare going broke?

Rex Kenyon