Our leaders aren’t making good decisions

I have not watched the “The Walking Dead” or the “Zombies,” but I don’t need to because I have witnessed it in the hallowed halls of our Congress. I watch puppets, zombies, marionettes, like Rep. Michelle Bachmann saying, “Everyone is so happy.” as her strings are pulled by the Koch brothers, The Heritage Foundation, sly Fox News, etc.

I am witnessing the fall of the democracy in the United States as the tea party demands smaller government. Well then, “they” need to quit their “jobs” in Washington because they are government just as I am. The only difference is that the ones holding us hostage are brainless, heartless people making decisions for the remainder of the country.

I have nephews and friends who did not work because of these puppets. My husband, siblings, and other relatives and friends may not receive their Social Security benefits if the zombies push us over the cliff. They have become the new “death panels” as they want to cut Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, the SNAP program, Vet programs, EPA, Food and Drug, etc. Yes, everyone is happy as the real “Hunger Games” will begin as they ignore their fellow Americans.

So everyone, “Be Happy” as you travel the pot holed roads, cross the crumbling bridges to get some scraps to feed your ailing body and ignorant mind because the schools are not funded and you can’t get medical help.

I pray daily for our president and all elected officials that they will make decisions to help the American people for whom they work. Yes, I even pray for the zombies.

Margaret Meeker