St. Clair building makeover good for downtown

Until recently, the St. Clair building on Putnam Street in the heart of Marietta’s downtown was a bit of an eyesore and safety hazard, disappointing given its centuries-old history.

Today, it’s a site full of movement and promise, as construction has begun on nine upscale apartments in the site.

That’s good news for oil and gas workers or others who are looking for housing but most importantly it’s great for downtown and Marietta as a whole.

What has been a vacant gap in our vibrant downtown for more than a decade now has a new life ahead of it.

Anytime a building is filled, and particularly if it’s remodeled and spruced up, it adds something to the area. It makes our city look more welcoming and healthy, in addition to providing an economic boost.

Triad Hunter is investing $1.5 million to renovate the site and we think it’s money well spent. We’re glad the company is investing in the community and we hope everyone sees the benefit.