Search finds heroin, arrests follow

Three New Matamoras men, one suspected of heroin trafficking, were arrested after the execution of a search warrant on Dunn Lane early Thursday morning.

Agents from the Major Crimes Task Force found heroin hidden in a foam cooler in the home of Norman D. Dunn, 51, of 85 Dunn Lane.

More heroin was found in a bent spoon and officers also found several items that indicated Dunn had been selling the drug. Digital scales with heroin residue, plastic baggies, and a lid with cut marks all indicated Dunn had been trafficking the drug, said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

“Two people have died up in that area from opiate overdoses. As a result, about six to eight months ago our Major Crimes Task Force started an investigation and we discovered some heroin was coming from Norman Dunn,” he said.

One of the deceased was Dunn’s daughter, 22-year-old Victoria Dunn, who died of a heroin overdose March 13, said Mincks.

Two other heroin overdoses happened in Macksburg around the same time-one in March and one in April, said Mincks.

Norman was arrested and charged with a fourth-degree felony count of trafficking in heroin and a fifth-degree felony count of possession of heroin.

According to the release, Norman has previous convictions for money laundering and trafficking in drugs.

Also arrested during the search was Norman’s son, 29-year-old Brent Dunn, who refused to put down an ax handle he was holding.

“The guy was hostile. He would not obey commands to put the handle down. He kept coming forward, so he was physically taken down,” said Mincks.

Brent, who lives at the same address as his father, was arrested on a fourth-degree felony charge of attempted assault on a police officer.

Also arrested was a Grandview Township volunteer firefighter who reportedly attempted to flee the scene.

John Addlesburger, 40, of 6658 Archers Fork Road, was arrested while running down Main Street in New Matamoras.

Addlesburger was believed to have been driving a Chevy truck that arrived at Norman Dunn’s home during the search. Another unidentified white male suspect was also in the vehicle.

“Our officers went out and asked them to exit the vehicle. They jammed it in reverse and went down the entire lane in reverse,” said Mincks.

The vehicle was pursued and located at the intersection of Third and Main streets. Addlesburger had the vehicle’s keys in his front pocket when apprehended nearby.

He was unsteady on his feet, slurring his speech, and appeared to have crushed pill residue around his nose, according to the release.

Addlesburger was charged with obstruction of justice, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The other individual that was in his vehicle has not been identified.