Paskawych wants to give back to community

I usually leave letter writing to others, but I feel compelled to write to tell you what I know about Marietta City Council President Candidate, Kevin Paskawych. This year the voters of Marietta have the opportunity to elect a young man who feels a duty to give back to this great community. Kevin is 31 years old, married, has two step children and loves Marietta. He is a graduate of Marietta High School and chose to stay in this area after obtaining his BA from Marietta College.

Kevin is interested in the people of our great city. Although he will represent 100% of the residents, he understands the unique struggles and challenges faced by our younger workers and their young families. As of the last census, over half of our population and two thirds of our households were 18 to 59 years old. Currently there are no city council members who are in this demographic.

I have talked to Kevin about these statistics. He has told me that during his volunteer work in the area over the past several years, he has seen a lack of representation for our younger generation. I believe that Kevin is the person to fill that void and that his involvement will encourage other young individuals to participate in our political system.

I encourage the voters of Marietta to give serious consideration to this young man who has so much to offer.

Kevin Paskawych will serve us well as City Council President.

Susan E. Boyer