Vote for Schlicher for city council president

Having served on the Marietta City Traffic Commission with Josh Schlicher over the past 10+ years. I am writing to ask for your support of him in the upcoming election for Marietta City Council President. Josh stepped into the Chairman’s position of the Traffic Commission at the beginning of this year, after serving over 10 years as an active member. Josh takes a proactive approach to all matters brought before the commission, meaning he takes the responsibility seriously. Josh stays in contact with the other members and current administration to insure getting the optimal results of all matters traffic and pedestrian related. Josh Schlicher’s conduct in the meetings is one of professional integrity and he does his absolute best to bring that out in others.

It seems to me there is a clear choice for Marietta City Council President. Business owner, former At-Large City Councilman, Traffic Commission Chairman, Traffic Commission Member, participate/member of local civic organizations. Josh Schlicher is the person for the job as Marietta City Council President.

Please join me election day in voting for Josh Schlicher as our next Marietta City Council President.

Duane Brannan