Residents of Waterford roadway say thanks

I speak for all the residents that live along County Road 174, also known as Wells Road in Waterford, job well done by the person that mowed the road banks. They took their time and made three passes in most areas. The extra effort is greatly appreciated and many thanks to them.

Mowing of these road banks gives a driver 1 to 3 seconds more reaction time for defensive driving to avoid wild life, domestic animals, farm equipment, pedestrians, etc. Weeds had engulf some stop and yield signs along with advertising signs in our area.

It would be beneficial to the insurance industry to award incentives to our highway departments by keeping at least 6 to 9 feet of road banks mowed to increase visual defensive driving.

Now if we could just get drivers to use their head lights during foggy wet overcast weather that require wipers. If you need to use your wipers to see, we need your headlights to see you.

Thank you again mowing guy!

Barbara Littler