City Council at-large: Grimm, Mullen, Noland

Marietta City Council at-large incumbents Michael Mullen and Harley Noland have put their experience to work for the citizens of Marietta while in office.

Jon Grimm, 47, Republican, running as a newcomer to city council, has a wealth of experience he can bring to council chambers.

We support all three in the upcoming general election. A total of five candidates are running.

In Noland’s case that means three terms in Marietta City Council, serving currently as chairman of the Lands, Parks and Buildings committee. He’s also chaired the Planning, Zoning and Annexation committee in the past. A businessman himself, Noland analyzes an issue and gets informed before forming an opinion. We think that’s a good approach for our city government.

Mullen’s experience is unique in that he’s spent six years on city council, eight years as mayor and six years as city development director. And he’s adept at using his knowledge and communication skills to keep government moving ahead. Recently, Mullen has added businessman to his resume as the owner of a Front Street pizza parlor. We think it can only add to Mullen’s perspective as he serves the city of Marietta.

Grimm has already served two terms on council in the past. Perhaps more important than any experience, though, is Grimm’s ability to see both sides of an issue and communicating that stance with others. We urge Grimm to put that skill to good use on council to generate meaningful debate and thorough exploration of key issues, and a give-and-take with fellow council members.

Republican candidate Michael Boersma, 23, though making his second run for council, still seems uninformed on city and council issues. He even suggested putting another armory referendum before voters even though he says he agrees with the current plan. Boersma doesn’t seem to do his homework and doesn’t seem to take his run for office very seriously.

More so than Boersma, Democrat Kathy Downer, 61, could offer some valuable life experience serving the city. She’s well-traveled and has some good – but too broad -ideas for Marietta. When asked to back up suggestions with real facts, figures and proposals, Downer falls a little short. She could be a valuable asset to the city but we don’t think she’s ready for council at this time.

Mullen, 58, an Independent, Noland, 61, a Democrat, and Grimm, 47, a Republican, are uniquely qualified to serve our city and we endorse their election on Nov. 5.