O’Neill has necessary and useful traits

I have known Willa O’Neill for more than two decades through our work at ODOT. O’Neill is capable, conscientious and always concerned about doing right for the taxpayers and her fellow employees. One of her greatest assets is being able to work with others in a positive, non-judgmental way. She is a good communicator and open in her dialog with others. These are necessary and useful traits when working in public service.

O’Neill’s opponent does a remarkable job with the Right Path and the young citizens in our community. I want to see her remain in this position because I think the youth and the community need her and the work she is doing with Right Path.

My vote for city treasurer will go to Willa O’Neill because she is the best candidate and because she is the best qualified for that position. O’Neill is a college graduate and started her career as a public school teacher before she began working for ODOT. She has lived in Marietta for about 40 years and raised her two daughters here. O’Neill will be very dedicated and responsible while serving as the Marietta City treasurer.

I ask you to vote for Willa O’Neill for city treasurer on Nov. 5.

Shirley Roddy