Resident offers views on upcoming races

Fall is in the air and that means it is time to consider who we desire to place into many offices that have direct effect on the lives of people within an area. This year we have the opportunity to choose council representatives, council president and city treasurer in Marietta.

I may be just a small twig in the tree, and therefore not well known by most people in Marietta. However, having lived in Marietta for the past 18 years I have had the privilege to get to know many very good people who live here. Cathy Harper is one of those very good people, and I am happy to endorse her for the office of city treasurer.

People who are elected to any office are elected to serve the people. Service is definitely one great adjective that describes Cathy Harper. She has served on city council, she serves the community extremely well in Right Path. She serves her family as a wife and mother.

Elected officers are to be loyal. Cathy Harper is very loyal to her family, church, and community. This is proven by her permanence in Marietta, with her family, within her church, plus her commitment to the work at Right Path.

These characteristics will be naturally carried into the treasurer’s office if you will join me in voting for Cathy Harper on Nov. 5 (or sooner if you vote early). Vote Sharper, Vote Harper!

Stanley Lang