Facts, not fantasy, will make America stronger

An interesting character once said, “Never tell the truth when a lie will do.” Now most people do not live by this mantra in their day to day lives but when it comes to the realm of politics and commenting on it, some come close.

Last week, another writer brought me to task because he felt my use of “Animal Farm” to describe the president was unjust. But in the process, he purposely misquoted me and then brought a claim that I didn’t want anyone but the “far right tea party extremists” to use the classic work, which was completely false.

When it comes to politics, disagreement is not silly. It’s what makes our nation stronger in the long run. What also makes us stronger is realizing fact over fantasy. President Obama is our leader but not because of America’s approval of Obamacare. In every major poll prior to the 2012 election, more people dislike Obamacare than they liked it. If the election were based on those polls, Romney would be president.

At the end of the day, the American public voted for Obama over Romney for reasons other than Obamacare. As for the debacle which was the government shutdown, all were to blame. This includes a president that was too stubborn to budge a bit on anything at any level. The facts may be hard for some to accept, but they exist nonetheless.

James Kendall

Walker, W.Va.