Schlicher will be energetic, honest

I am writing to you, the citizens of Marietta, to endorse Josh Schlicher for the president of Marietta City Council. Schlicher is energetic and honest. He was born in Marietta, and is a small business owner. Schlicher currently serves on the Marietta Traffic Commission, and was a former city councilman at-large. While a councilman at-large, he served on the employee relations committee and the cities information technology committee.

Schlicher is well prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the task of Marietta City Council president. Schlicher works well with the members of council and will make committee assignments in keeping with individual skills and abilities. This will result in the citizens’ interests being better served and listened to.

The Marietta City Council president is a city-wide race. This gives all four wards the opportunity to cast your ballot for Josh Schlicher, for Marietta City Council president. Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5, for Josh Schlicher, president of Marietta City Council.

Fred Hanson