DUI arrest after Belpre woman drives onto CSX bridge

BELPRE – A Belpre woman was arrested, charged with driving while intoxicated and trespassing after attempting to drive her vehicle over the railroad bridge into Parkersburg.

Belpre police Chief Ernie Clevenger said Carrie R. Strahler, 41, of Belpre was arrested by officers Wednesday night after her SUV got stuck on the railroad bridge spanning the Ohio River.

“It was no mean feat,” Clevenger said.

The chief said Strahler made it roughly halfway over the river until her SUV got stuck on the tracks.

“It became high-centered on the track,” Clevenger said. “There was no way to move it under its own power.”

The chief said Belpre police were notified of a vehicle on the tracks, near the Washington Boulevard-Belpre Bridge intersection. Police don’t know where she got on the tracks.

Clevenger said by the time units arrived Strahler’s vehicle was on the railroad bridge over the water.

Officers followed Strahler’s vehicle on foot. Officers escorted the woman off the bridge, back to Belpre where she was arrested.

The woman was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and trespassing. Strahler was processed and released pending her appearance in court.

“There may be other charges forthcoming,” the chief said.

Clevenger said the woman was not given a breathalizer. Officials are waiting on the return of a urine sample to determine her blood-alcohol content.

Clevenger said it was reported more than one person was in the vehicle, but when officers arrived only Strahler was in the SUV.

CSX was summoned to the scene to remove the vehicle- by crane-from the bridge.

Clevenger said Thursday’s scene wasn’t the first time someone tried to drive across the railroad bridge.

“I’ve known of one or two that made it across,” he said. “It would be quite an adventure. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to drive across the railroad bridge.

“She was determined,” he said. “I will give her that.”