Assessing this year’s city government candidates

In trying to assess the political candidates who are running for positions to be filled for the offices of the city of Marietta municipal government, I am troubled by their “honesty, integrity and their credentials.”

I hope all of our intelligent and faithful voters of the city would like to know a few honest facts, i.e., passing through a city office is not getting acquainted with a well-trained staff, civil service jobs have nothing to do with being city treasurer, visiting or “calling” other city treasurers to seek their practices, which I hope were in Ohio since the Ohio Revised Code is the law for all city treasurers in Ohio to comply with, should not earn your vote.

Cathy Harper has the experience, knowledge and honesty for the next city treasurer and will not be a follower, but a leader, which she has achieved and proven with her community involvement for endless years.

The city council president is acting mayor in the absence of the mayor and should be reminded to respect the mayor and not be a forceful participant at committee meetings. The job is to preside at council meetings and keep a well prepared meeting in order. Voters, you will have that person who knows how to comply with the rules and respect others by electing Josh Schlicher for your next city council president.

Jon Grimm, a council at-large candidate needs no “on the job training” as he has held a council position before and knows what to expect of the committee meetings and what the city’s daily procedures require.

James “Chip” Wilson, candidate for 2nd Ward councilman, has goals to be achieved which the present controlled council has never mentioned. “Chip” knows the ingredients to our city’s “success for the future.” “Chip” is the conservative choice and will be the watchdog to protect citizens’ tax dollars.

Michael Boersma is a new, young, sensible common sense voice willing to work hard for the future of our city. Boersma has good work ethics to help with regulations that have never been enforced by the controlled council, but yet the provisions are there to enforce the job.

The team may not be the “slate of 8,” but they are a winning team.

Thank you in advance for your vote to support these honorable candidates on Nov. 5.

Sharon R. Adams