Downer brings wealth of life experience to council

Kathy Downer would be a good addition to the city council as council person at-large just from the balance she would add to the council of men. But, gender is not the issue, it is the type of person she has grown to become from life experiences, abilities, and love of Marietta.

Downer is the mother of four adult children. She has nurtured them, along with her husband, Steve, to become capable adults and citizens. She has promoted education for their children and community, with volunteering in homerooms and at their schools.

As a nurse at Marietta Memorial Hospital, Downer sees life as it touches individuals. This leads her to volunteer at the Red Cross, teach CPR, and to be concerned about the police and fire departments’ abilities to provide services, as well as adult and child protective services and she quietly volunteers where needed.

Downer has lived in several states and cities. She has learned from observation. The couple has traveled extensively collecting cultural practices to make her aware of understanding diversity. This has provided a background for issues such as the armory being self-sustaining, park maintenance, attracting new businesses and supporting present services, keeping historic Marietta attractive for tourism and for our own citizens, respect for historical buildings, fair wages for council members, and proposed revitalization.

New issues presented to council will be approached from the broad perspective with problem solving skills and techniques. An example is a quote from Oct. 16 issue of The Marietta Times reporting on the debate held at Marietta College speaking to the question of revitalization, allowing 15 new liquor licenses: “We have to look at it carefully before this passes and make sure it doesn’t dilute the liquor licenses already in place.”

Kathy Downer needs your vote to the position as council person at-large and we need Kathy Downer!

Margaret Fredericks