Consider your votes seriously

Marietta’s city council represents all of us in the day-to-day workings of our local government. By design and law, it is a deliberative body that authorizes, approves, directs and funds city hall’s operations. Since January of 2012, the current council has passed close to 500 ordinances and resolutions in its hands-on management of our government’s business.

I am very proud of this council’s accomplishments: we have solved some longstanding problems, updated information systems to increase employee productivity, invested in cost-saving new equipment to control or reduce expenses, sought improvements to administrative processes, budgets and plans to better manage our resources, and, despite funding cuts from Columbus and Washington, maintained city services and amenities without resorting to personnel cuts or to raising taxes.

From now until Nov. 5, your civic duty is to elect a new council and a city treasurer. Our success since you chose us in the fall of 2011 stems from the character of the people you voted into office. Members of our current city council share the same personality traits: a keen awareness that they represent you at all times, and they must both listen to your voices, and resolve your differences by favoring the greatest common good. They investigate complex issues with an open and inquisitive mind both seeking and listening to a variety of views. Although they often have strong opinions, they are team players who work well with each other to get the job done. Finally, they are optimists who believe in this country and all of you, and work to get things done. They are not the nay-sayers we hear about all the time whose only response to any and every problem is always “no.”

Select your new city council; remember, we will all have to live with your election decisions for the next two years.

Walt Brothers, president

Marietta City Council