Those who question Marietta city council raise are uninformed

After reading the “Your tax dollars at work” political ad in Saturday’s Marietta Times, I just have to respond. The council pay raises for the next council is because the Public Employees Retirement System has a minimum amount for full-time employees. This has been done before, so I don’t know what the big deal is. Our council has a big responsibility and deserve being respected. Marietta is a multi-million dollar business and our council people probably make less than minimum wage. They attend numerous committee meetings, council meetings and spend a lot of hours answering emails and checking out constitute complaints. A $1,500 raise a year being questioned by the Republican Party shows just how uninformed they are.

The second bashing of the current council is iPads. This saves a lot of time and paper. A council person can get emails from constitutes and address the problem immediately. If a special meeting is scheduled they know it immediately. This is the era of technology, so why not use it? Three of the councilman have their own iPads so they cost the city nothing.

(Jon) Grimm is not in favor of moving council meetings to a new location. He was chairman of that committee at one time and doesn’t know what Lookout Park is not in compliance with the ADA. The doorways and the bathrooms are not handicapped accessible. City workers have to go to Lookout Park when there is a meeting and set up tables and chairs and go back and take them down. I think there is more important things they could be doing. Also, the council clerk has to put a skirt around the tables to make it look a little professional. This is inexcusable for Marietta not to have better facilities for council meetings.

If they want to talk about waste, when Republican County Commissioner David White was chairman of the streets department while on city council, that was when our tax dollars were wasted. The specifications for the crosswalks on Front Street were stamped concrete. When one of his Republican friends wanted real bricks the specs were changed. The real bricks cost more so that was money wasted. When the bricks didn’t hold up, the city had them taken out and replaced with stamped concrete. This was a waste of our tax dollars. So, who is more responsible for the waste of our tax dollars. Vote democratic!

M. Louise Gwinn