Vote GOP on Election Day

With Election Day less than a week away, I am encouraged to see so many citizens of Marietta engaged in the city office races! I see now the interest and enthusiasm at our booth during the Washington County Fair was just a sign of things to come as our candidates have been knocking on doors all over town.

Voters are overjoyed that veteran public servants like Cathy Harper, Josh Schlicher, and Jon Grimm have decided to step back up the plate to serve their community. And they’ve warmly welcomed political newcomers James “Chip” Wilson and Michael Boersma to the local political arena.

As long as Cathy Harper’s been working for Marietta, one might think “Public Servant” is her middle name. In addition to serving eight years on city council’s finance, employee relations, and public lands committees, Harper has long been a prominent advocate for people suffering from disabilities, mental health, and substance abuse issues. As coordinator of the Right Path the last 10 years, she’s proven her financial proficiency and ability to work within tight fiscal constraints. Without question Cathy Harper is exactly the right person we need in the city treasurer’s office!

Leading a successful construction business since 1997, Josh Schlicher has developed the management skills to help our city council work through the ever changing, constant challenges that face our city now and will in the future. As an experienced councilman and longtime member of Marietta’s traffic commission, Schlicher knows how the city works and wants to help it work its best for taxpayers. His dedication to fair, inclusive, and responsible leadership will serve well Marietta’s citizens.

Navy vet and small businessman Jon Grimm proved himself a taxpayer defender during his four years as Ward 3 councilman. Sometimes unpopular with fellow representatives, he fought for common sense solutions, fiscal accountability, and above all, Marietta’s future. The new municipal court complex and Mound Cemetery fence restoration are two good examples of accomplishments under Grimm’s direction. With another term on council, city taxpayers will see him again work to restore conservative balance to a council often driven by irrational, antagonistic, tyrannical ideas.

Some might consider Michael Boersma’s youth to be a drawback for a city councilman, but he would heartily disagree. A lifelong resident of Marietta, Boersma brings a unique perspective on issues that he believes the current council make-up lacks. He treasures Marietta’s rich history and offers a fresh energy to its future.

James “Chip” Wilson may be a newcomer to politics, but not to Marietta. Born and raised here, he will draw upon his experiences as a registered architect, small business owner, and member of the city planning commission to offer sensible solutions to complex city issues. Onerous legislation, lack of vision, and frivolous spending are three forces James Wilson sees working against Marietta and he aims to turn them around.

Vote for a bright, prosperous, dynamic future for Marietta on Nov. 5. Vote for Cathy Harper for treasurer, and Josh Schlicher, Jon Grimm, Michael Boersma, and James Wilson for city council.

Leslie Haas, chairman

Washington County

Republican Party