Harper tireless in her committment to city

A popular children’s book published in 1930, “The Little Engine That Could,” began its journey in becoming one of today’s most recognized messages about becoming part of the solution while making a difference for the good of all. Marietta City is fortunate to have our own hard working and dedicated little engine, Cathy Harper, candidate for city treasurer.

Harper is a hometown girl. She is a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister. Her commitment to the longstanding values of our community is demonstrated by her sincere and enthusiastic dedication to her family, church and community relationships. Harper has been an active participant in educating and supporting the future of our community by participating in various youth organizations including Marietta Bantam Baseball, Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts of America, MHS SADD, MHS Key Club, MMS Builders Club and of course as coordinator for the Right Path for Washington County. Her work with Right Path has been instrumental in bringing awareness from both the youth and adult perspectives to the many needs of our community and with that, she has created a multitude of collaborative community opportunities allowing youth and adults to learn and work side by side for the benefit of our community.

Harper has previous experience as a council member providing her a foundation of understanding of the various departments and inner-workings as well as the formal obligations and limitations set forth by Ohio Revised Code for each entity. She desires to continue the best practices of this office while making improvements along the way by seeking best options for growing community investments. She is passionate about improving communication from the treasurer’s office by providing the citizens of Marietta quarterly articles to keep citizens abreast as to local, state and federal decisions impacting our community.

Her continued work within our community has allowed her to maintain a regular working relationship with city officials. She has committed time and energy to the Marietta City Health Council, Family and Children First’s Teen Career Awareness Initiative, United Way and of course the Right Path for Washington County. Through her work with Right Path, Harper has diligently worked to include all stakeholders including parents, youth, area schools, local law enforcement, social service agencies, city and county government, civic groups, charitable foundations and local businesses in building our community coalition for healthy youth development. She has been instrumental by being a good steward of funding by stretching what was a three-year SIG grant for Right Path into 10 years of youth and community driven learning and community service opportunities based on best practice models which have included Red Ribbon Week activities in Washington County schools, Medicine Take Back Day, Marietta College Make a Difference Day as well supporting the food pantries in Washington County with the annual Righditarod Race Against Hunger grocery cart race.

Harper’s desire to serve her community is long-lasting, genuine and strong. I know from working with her she is our community’s little engine. She has an aptitude for being a dedicated leader no matter how heavy the load or how steep the hill she has to climb. I plan to make a difference by being part of the solution on Nov. 5 by casting my vote for Cathy Harper, city treasurer, and encourage you to do the same.

Lynn Doebrich