Theme of Halloween haunt isn’t harmless

“Entertainment” these days often is in bad taste, and that is putting it mildly. Computer gamers see nothing wrong with “game” scenarios that include slaughtering innocent people. Hollywood has found movies in which even children are murdered can be box-office hits.

That said, the King’s Dominion theme park near Richmond, Va., went too far with a new “attraction.”

Called “Miner’s Revenge,” the show was part of the park’s Halloween Haunt event. According to King’s Dominion’s website, “Miner’s Revenge” portrayed the ghosts of miners left underground to die after a mine disaster, as they search for revenge against those who left them to perish.

United Mine Workers union officials took offense to the show, calling it an insult to the memories of those who died in mine disasters.

It also is an insult to their co-workers and communities. King’s Dominion’s creative staff no doubt intended no disrespect. But their judgment leaves much to be desired.

Attempting to make an entertainment event out of mine disasters that have killed thousands of people in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and other mining regions simply isn’t acceptable – even in a culture that, again, seems determined to push the boundaries of what people will tolerate. King’s Dominion owes miners and their communities an apology.